Photo of the Week: Agenovia Photography

The photo of the week is submitted by Antonio Genovia a Sacramento Fashion Photographer.  We asked Antonio to give us some insight on his work and which he described as “simply my own interpretation of art, I cannot see most of the colors in my work, some are just ridges of gray. I don’t know what color vibrant is, as I am unable to see most of the color figments in the color wheel, but it gives me great satisfaction in knowing that my work is colorful, and such complements, I can see through the eyes of the beholder.”

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It’s photographers like Antonio that make you just want to throw your camera away and just enjoy the art that they create!  Thank you Genovia Photography for submitting your photos we would love to have you back to hear more about your story as a photographer.  In the meantime, follow the links below to connect with Antonio.


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