Appgratis – the must have app…kinda

Quick Tip/App for all you iPhone, iPad, iWhatever users.  The premise behind AppGratis is that they promote one FREE app a day from the Apple Appstore.  I say kinda because Apple just pulled the app from the App store last Friday April 5th 2013.  If you still have the app on your phone, DO NOT delete it or you will lose it forever.  For those of you that just discovered it through this post, don’t fret.  AppGratis is still up and kicking with 10 million users.  Just go to their website, to see new FREE apps everyday.  Why are we reviewing this?  Because FREE is awesome and I want to help spread the word.  I can’t even count the number of apps we downloaded for free for our business as well as for our kids.  One day it can be a mileage tracker for your taxes, the next day it could be Dora the Explorer :)  You never know what you will get.  They say nothing in life is free but this is!!!  Head on over there and check it out.