camera flash gels

Camera Flash Gels

Rosco Gel sample packs are a cheap and easy solution for camera flash gels. The sample packs run anywhere from $2-$10 depending on where you get them. We provided a link below to get them for $2.50! ooohhhhh Yeahhhhh!! These gels measure 1.5″ x 3.25″ and fit on most speedlites and are pre-cut and easy to travel with.

More tips
– put gaffers tape on your flash before sticking the “fuzzy side” of the velcro on you flash. This will prevent the gummy sticky residue from getting all over your flash.
– use clear reinforcement labels to prevent the gel from ripping at the hole.

Below is an example of just adding a splash of color…


If you find yourself using a certain gel a lot, like CTO for tungsten, consider buying a whole sheet. For speedlites, a sheet will last you forever.

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products used in the video (most of the things you can probably find around the house:)

Rosco Sample Pack Gels



Industrial Strength Velcro



1 inch Metal Book Ring

Clear Sheet Protectors

Pro Gaffers Tape


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