camera sensor cleaning using Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit

Camera Sensor Cleaning TipsLenspen Sensorklear loupe


How many times has this happened to you… you send out your camera to have it cleaned and checked, you use it once or twice and boom… dust on the sensor again! It was frustrating because you couldn’t get rid of the dust with your hurricane blower but you also didn’t want to send it out again to have it cleaned.  When you get your kit make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Put you camera a “mirror up” mode
  2. Invert you camera so that the sensor is point down and remove the cap (this prevents dust from easily falling into the camera)
  3. use your hurricane blower to dislodge all the loose dust
  4. place the loupe on top and bring the camera right side up
  5. use the articulating lenspen to move stubborn dust particles (don’t press down as you may scratch the sensor)
  6. invert the camera again and use the hurricane blower to remove the remaining dust particles.
  7. Hi five!!  you didn’t have to send your camera in…. you just saved another $50


The Lenspen Sensorklear loupe is the only one on the market that has a hole on the side that lets you insert your cleaning pen and at the same time you can actually see what you are doing. Once you push aside the sticky dust, invert your camera in mirro lock mode and use the hurricane blower in the kit to blow that dust away.

The Lenspen Sensorklear Loupe kit is great for anyone that needs to get rid of those annoying dust spots in-between your regular wet sensor cleaning.