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Off Camera Flash / Panoramic with Ben Young III

This image was photographed in the beautiful El Nido Resorts, Palawan Philippines by International Award Winning Destination Wedding Photographer Ben Young III from BY3 Studio.  Ben is based out of Davao

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Umbrella Brackets, picking the right one…

  UMBRELLA BRACKETS (BH) Not all umbrella brackets are created equal. In this video I will show what to look for and what to avoid. If you have any questions

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Get sharper images by using a simple technique

  Getting the sharpest images is usually a good thing when it comes to photography… these simple techniques in the video can make a HUGE difference. Excuse the sneezes, spit

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Time lapse apps for your smartphone

Greetings!!  This is a follow up post to our timelapse post we did yesterday on the Muvi X-Lapse.  We used an iPhone but there are apps available for all smartphones. 

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Secret-weapons of Ultra portable photography editing and publishing… Eye-Fi Wireless SDHC Memory Card

    Simply brilliant. I’ve always been intrigued with the Wi(Eye)-Fi cards… Transferring files wirelessly is totally awesome. I just never knew the potential. All you need is your Camera

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Wanna kickstart your new photography business?

    You’ve done all your research, practiced on all the kids you can find, photographed millions of flowers, sunsets, squirrels and landscapes. Now you are trying to figure out

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