Cheetah CL180 Real World Usage

The CL-180 is an awesome flash to use in the real world. Changing and manipulating the power output while shooting was a breeeeze. What I did find differently while shooting with this flash was my shooting habit. While shooting images that required a bit more power such as 1/2 to 1/1, I found myself shooting a few more frames per set just because it would recycle faster than my previous set up made solely on the YN560 speedlights (Amazon).
What really impressed me was the battery pack… I had used it prior to a 12hr wedding… meter stated 3/4 full, so I didn’t charge it (bringing a spare as back-up of course). After almost 3 hours of continuous shooting with 90% of my shots with a flash, the battery still stated 3/4 full. Simply amazing.
I did this because ED from said that “Before the CL-180 was released, we fired 70 full power flash in a row before the heat sensor kicked in.” Yeah, I forgot to say that there’s a heat protector thingie in it so you won’t burn your flash from firing 70 full power flashes every 3 seconds.
Who does that anyways? Anyhoo, this was the Cheetah CL180 Real World Usage…

Check out my in depth review showing all details checkout this post!

Hope this short video helps out a bit… I have a ton more to show… including my favorite LIGHT STAND (Amazon) next.
Questions, comments… post them below. Peace!!!


Brian G says:

What about modifiers? Anything available or what would you use if you wanted to concentrate the light? With speedlights you could use the zoom head to act like a snoot..etc. Anything like that for this light?

Andy Rivera says:

Hi Brian, we are currently making a video that talks all about the modifiers that you can attach to the light, it will probably be up next week.

Dan says:

Still waiting for that video. ;)

Nice work on the review btw!

tony pardi says:

question on the light, can we use other triggers besides the cheetah one?
thanks, after watching this, this is on da list of stuff i want to get
great review!

ed says:

absolutely. the flash itself has a PC sync input as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack input. you can totally use it with what you are currently using to trigger your strobes.

check out: