Cheetah Light CL-180 – My favorite flash as of now

This is a long video… but I really want to share everything the Cheetah Light CL-180 has to offer. Hope it’s informative. =)

Check out the light at: Cheetah Light CL-180

The images below was created using the Cheetah Light CL-180

cheetah cl180

cheetah cl180


ed pingol photography

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Jesse says:

Have you tried using Pocketwizard TT5 triggers to use High Speed Sync?

Andy Rivera says:

Hey Jesse, No I have not tried that yet but we are doing a review on a bunch of triggers so Ill test out the pocketwizard and cheetah light together

Rob says:

I use this clamp! Cheap and does the job! Just remove the extra screw, place on knuckle of stand tighten and place battery on stand. It will fit and does not come off!!

Nesty says:

Ed, how long the bulb will last long?

Farid says:

Thanks for the review Ed!! I just got 2 sets of the CL-180.
Do you have any tips on how to attach the battery pack to the light stand? I know there are clamps I can get, but it seems way too pricey ( cheapest I find is $20 a piece )

I’m thinking about using hair rubber bands looped into the belt clip and hanging it on the knobs on the lightstand but I’m wondering if there’s a better way.

Thanks Ed!

Andy Rivera says:

You can use an old lens bag with the drawstrings, put the battery in there and hang the loops on the knobs :)

vicente salazar garcia says:

buenas yo quiero adquirir un equipo de esta referencia

Alfred&Emma says:

Very informative post Ed. LOL on the “I’m trying to be Asian”.

Adrian says:


Rpt, Repeat mode, strobe effect.
When in that mode, you only need to press the Mode button to get it back in full Manual, or if in S1/S2 modes, just keep pressing the Mode button so it cycles back to normal full Manual mode, no need to turn off battery and back on again.

I love the photos you posted btw, flamin’ awesome.
Any data as to aperture, distance of flash from subject.
I’d assume around f14-16 to get the sun like that.

Joel L says:

Ed: Do you know if Pocketwizards can trigger these?

ed says:

absolutely… this unit has a PC and 3.5mm sync input.

Stacey Hemeyer says:

Awesome post! So helpful and informative! Cheetah should give you a kick back from every unit they sell from this! ;)
Thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge!

ed says:

we’ll recommend a good product regardless. LOL!!!


ed says:

No problem Tony, I definitely recommend it, the quadra is slightly more powerful and those things are so tiny but the battery is a hassle. I think you should wait for my accessory video so you can make a fully informed decision before buying. It really is the light modifiers that matter in the end of it all and the Elinchrome modifiers are not readily available and are $$

tony pardi says:

thanks for da review on this, makes me want to buy one… is this light comparable to a eilenchrom Ranger Quadra?

Sharon says:

I’ve been in the market for a flash and appreciate how informative this was. Thanks for sharing. :)

ed says:

awesome!!! we’re here to share.