Color Checker DIY

ColorChecker DIY solution

This is a very simple and cost effective DIY solution for on location color correction.  You would basically set up your lighting and just before your session starts you take a picture with this ColorChecker in the frame.  When doing your white balance and colorcorrection, you can use this chart along with the eyedropper tool and define the true blacks, true whites and your choice of gray card to either warm up or cool down your photos.  In our experience it does a very good job in comparison to the  Xrite MSCCC Color Checker although the Xrite will give you a more defined range of color and a more polished professional look but hey you can’t get cheaper than FREE99 with our DIY ColorChecker :)

If you want a more advanced color, check out the Xrite ColorChecker Display Pro, it can adjust for ambient light measurement, monitor profiling and projector profiling and inlcudes a colorchecker card.

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