Lightstick Magic

Check out this DIY project by Ed that uses light stands to make properly weighted light sticks on the cheap!

Don’t use a monopod as a light stick… it’s equivalent to fishing but you’re holding the fishing pole upside down at the skinny end.  It’s STUPID.  Instead, buy  Cowboy Studio Lightstands  and modify them!  Simply remove the single screw holding the legs in place. Once the screw is off, the legs should easily slide off of the main pole.  Just wrap the bottom of your new monpod with ducktape or gaffer’s tape because it’s sharp and you don’t want to end up cutting yourself in the field.  What you have left is one of the lightest LightSticks in the world… and you didn’t break the bank.

Once you have the STICK, you’ll just need a COLD SHOE. Screw it together and you’re GOLDEN.

These inexpensive Cowboy Studio Light stands can be found HERE

best-light-stick-in-the-world2 best-light-stick-in-the-world-pingol cowboy-light-stands-shuttertastic

And the cold shoe adapters can be found HERE

cold shoe flash photography