Fuji x100s review

Fujifilm x100s review
fuji x100sToday we are reviewing the Fuji x100s a very cool retro style compact camera that packs a punch on the inside.    The x100s also sports a 23mm (35mm equivalent)  f/2 fixed prime lens, the same as the x100. They have made quite a few improvements from its predecessor the Fuji x100, the manual focus is now very responsive and…works! and the auto focus is so much faster and accurate due to the On-sensor phase detection… I know that’s geek talk but believe me it is soooo much better.  They also moved the AF button from left side to the right top button wheel and add a “Q” button that brings up a quick menu that allows you to change common settings quickly without fumbling around in the menu.  This camera handles great in low light situations as well and for me the images were usable to ISO6400. For those of you wanting video, it has full 1080 HD video at 60fps.  The thing I love about this camera the most is that it is compact, has a cool retro look and is silent when taking photos.   It’s not bulky nor does it attract attention to you like your DSLR and big lenses but functions and controls just as good.  I also love that there is a hot shoe so that I can still use my triggers for off camera flash.  In the video we used the Cheetah CL-180 system on Cheetah Stands to produce some awesome results.  The shutter speed can go as fast as 1/4000 sec but as I said in the video, the best flash sync speed for off camera flash is 1/1000th sec to get the full flash burst.  The Fuji x100s is definitely the ultimate walk around camera at this time, I highly recommend it.  Aaand now the tech specs:

  • 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
  • Fujinon 23mm f/2 Fixed Focal Length Lens
  • Hybrid Optical and Electronic Viewfinder
  • 2.8″ 460k-Dot LCD Monitor
  • EXR Processor II
  • Intelligent Hybrid AF System
  • Expandable ISO 100-25600
  • Full HD 1080 Video at 60fps
  • Film Simulation and Advanced Filters
  • Die-Cast Magnesium Body Construction

Fuji x100s
Cheetah CL-180
Cheetah Stands C8

FUJI x100s - Ed Pingol Photography FUJI x100s 3766  - Ed Pingol Photography FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 1 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 2 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 3 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 4 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 5 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 6 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 7 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 8 FUJI x100s-  - Ed Pingol Photography 9

Retrogaz says:

Hi yes I would be very interested to know this too as I was thinking of a similar flash set up (rebranded as Atom in the UK). How do you find the flash duration? And have you tried wired vs wireless?
Thanks – it’s a great review.

ramin says:

Ed: at what flash power did you fire your 180 in the skateboard shots that you could use 1/1000 shutter speed on your X100s? the cl-180 has a flash duration of 1/300 at full power so you must have been at around 1/8 ? you know the radio synch also adds a time delay to this. My Sunpak 120J has a flash duration of 1/600 at full power but this is only if I use a cable or if it is mounted on the hot shoe. when I use my elinchrome skyport to trigger the 120J, to be able to use 1/500 on my x100 I can only fire the 120J at half power, though at lower power levels I can go up to 1/1000. another reason I don’t use full power much is because battery and flash both heat up. Thanks for your review.