Iphone camera lens – Sony QX100 and QX10

I wanted to share with you the next big thing in Android and Iphone camera lens. Sony is now taking pre-orders for their Cybershot DSC-QX100 and QX10. At first glance, it looks like any regular lens but take a closer look and built right inside is the camera brains itself. You simply snap on the lens to your Iphone or Android and your cellphone screen becomes the viewer via wifi communication. Check out the video below put together by BH Photo, we can’t wait to test these bad boys out.


This guy right here is the Sony QX10 which mean it can zoom in 10x OPTICAL zoom (as opposed to digital where the images is digitally enlarged=fake zoom) and has an 18 megapixel sensor.

sony qx10


Right here is the bigger brother, the QX100 sporting a Carl-Zeiss, 20 Megapixel Sensor, 3.5 zoom and and f1.8-4.5 aperture.sony qx100