We are always in search for a tool to make our jobs easier and more efficient so when we heard about the Kickstarter from MagMod we were super excited about the potential.  We contacted Spencer to see if we would be able to get our hands on some prototypes to see if these were the real deal.  Ed Pingol did the review on those which can be seen here:

The first question I had was, are these magnets going to interfere with my equipment.  We immediately asked MagMod and they quickly assured us that it won’t affect our equipment.  When we got our prototypes that was the first test we put them through… we left them near our triggers and on the flashes over a few days and tested them out.  Everything was gravy!!   Needless to say, we think these are revolutionary to photographers.

Imagine, no more keeping your gels flat or in a little album so they don’t get wrinkled.  The gels included in the MagMod kit are sturdy plastic sheets.


Its time to take that velcro off your flash …the method of attachment alone makes me wish I though of it!  The two strong earth magnets make for a very strong connection.

photography lighting modifier mag grip

You can throw away your Opteka grids and DIY straw grids, this is the real deal here, 39 degree beam spread pattern which narrows as you stack them…

photography lighting modifier grid

We have taken them out on two weddings so far and the ease of use alone makes these are worthwhile investment.

photography lighting modifier

The orange thingy… they included these for the people that backed their Kickstarter and we’ve heard of people who also got them when they ordered from their website.  They are not for sale as of yet but if you get them in your kit, you should do a happy dance.  The large hole is placed around your flash and the small hole is to hold your trigger (as seen in the video above)

photography lighting modifier

If you want more information check out the MagMod website.