MagMod – Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers

 MagMod Speedlite Modifiers

commentator: ED

We received these pre-production MagMod to test out… It was great timing, too, because we had several shoots that equated over 21 hours worth of shooting within 2 days. We got to know the ins-and-outs of these new light modifiers. We’ve handled a lot of modifiers specifically tailoring to SPEEDLIGHTS (speedlites). Some are great and work well… some, just don’t work at all. This particular modifier does what it is intended to do and it does it well… VERY WELL.

Now let me explain that this isn’t a new softbox where it’ll give you soft lighting… instead, one of the things it lets you do is give you the freedom to create a snoot with a very specific angles of light in a fraction of a second. Remember, some photos that looks awesome aren’t all about light but rather where it isn’t.

The MagMod is truly simplistic… silicon rubber material and magnets. That’s it. The part that “installs” on your flash head stretches and makes a very tight fit, once on. Installing the rubber on the head… (yeah, yeah… all dirty jokes aside) is rather simple. Once on, you will quickly find out  that this won’t be coming off the flash anytime soon. It’s SUPER SNUG. You can see in the picture below how much it actually stretches… This is the brilliant part about it… It stretches to ANY  size. So if you have an sb600 or a massive 580exII, this thing will fit. I have it on a Yongnuo flash and it’s a snug fit.


 MagMod Speedlite Modifier

MagMod Speedlite Modifier R

MagMod Speedlite Modifier R

MagMod Speedlite Modifier R

The MagMod that we received has 2 grids that can easily be installed via Neodyminicus-or-something magnets (it’s a really strong magnet). Its literally as easy as placing a magnet on the fridge. One grid creates a nice looking beam and adding the second snoot, creates an even tighter beam. Place the grid over the flash head and it’ll automatically snap itself into position. Placing the 2nd snoot grid on top of the 1st snoot grid and again, it snaps into position. Magnets are brilliant!

Now the one thing that concerned me before I even snapped a single photo was the thought of my radio reception being affected since we use radio triggers. I was concerned that my radio triggers would be less effective due to these high-powered magnets. So far, we’ve seen no difference in our radio trigger performance.


MagMod Speedlite

MagMod Speedlite Modifier

Mag Mod

Another welcome feature from MagMod is the colored gels:
-Full CTO (warming)
-1/2 CTO (warming)
-1/4 CTO (warming)
-1/2 Blue (cooling)
-3 Stop Neutral Density (.8x)

The gels come in these rugged plastic sheets that slips into a slit that also snaps on via magnets, unlike the flimsy colored gels we’re normally used to using. Instead of the gels literally being a thin sheet (sometimes so thin that I’ve melted a few just from speedlights alone)… it’s in these rather thick Lexan plastic. Very robust, to say the least.
So if you’re looking into modifying your lights, the MagMod by far is the easiest and fastest system we’ve had our hands on. That’s saying a lot because my hands gets around. =)
(photos below are grids and gels attached)




MagMod-REVIEW-22 MagMod-REVIEW-23 MagMod-REVIEW-21