Monopod for Camera – MoGoPod Review

Monopod for Camera – MoGoPod Review

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Lightsticks are a must for all my photo shoots.  It allows you to get your flash in different angles, heights and places where your flash stand cannot go.  To my knowledge, there has not been a monopod that was made with off camera flash photographers in mind.  I myself made my own from a flash stand, you can check out the post Lightstick Magic.  Others have used Painters Poles with a Kacey Pole adapter or a three section monopod such as the Manfrotto 679B (BH).  All of these monopods have their little draw backs and photographers just got used to them.  Then came a long the MoGoPod v2.0 by Carry Speed which I really really like and has proven to be very versatile on my photo shoots.  The first thing that caught my attention was that the unit is reversible, meaning that it has 1/4 & 3/8 inch thread on the top and when you remove the rubber foot on the bottom, there is a 1/4 inch thread for your flash or ball head adapter or a frio cold shoe.  I’m actually a frio cold shoe convert from metal hot shoes so if you haven’t seen our post, check it out Frio Cold Shoe.


This lends well to my preference that the bottom of the pole should be the heavy end and the top the light end, just like a fishing pole.  The stick is very lightweight at 2.4 lbs and has a non slip foam grip handle that your LIGHT B**CH or VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand) will appreciate :)  The other super cool feature is a quick twist release auto telescoping pole… whoa thats a mouthful but it is cool!  That means you just twist the lock clockwise and it extends automatically, twist counterclockwise to lock it at the length that you prefer.  The single lock feature is very convenient compared to the  Induro mondopod which has a triple twist lock feature which takes a bit longer and the plastic rings inside the locking mechanism can get misaligned which results in you dismantling the whole unit,  resetting or replacing the plastic rings.


It even has centimeter measurement markings right on the pole so you can remember your favorite settings.  The MoGoPod can take a weight load of up to 7.7lbs… when it is fully extended it measures 5′ 8″ inches and when fully collapsed it measures 2′ 2″ inches making it super portable and easy to carry around.  Now that I am dabbling in video, the MoGoPod acts like a 2 in 1 for me for my flash and video fluid head which means carrying less gear around on a photo shoot.  The top has center screw that has a 1/4in thread (standard camera/flash thread) on one side, flip it over and it has a 3/8inch thread for your video fluid head.


The optional tripod foot swivel base, similar to the Manfrotto 628B(BH), makes the pivot stabilization, panning, push and pull shots so much better for video on the fly.  I have seen these features on different kinds of monopods but never all in one which makes the MoGoPod a winner in my book and at $80 its a steal!  Thanks for checking out our reviews, poke and prod around the Shuttertastic site, there is a lot you can learn here :)

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Here is the Carry Speed Promo Video: