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You’ve done all your research, practiced on all the kids you can find, photographed millions of flowers, sunsets, squirrels and landscapes. Now you are trying to figure out how to take the next step. What we did was throw a “Portrait Party” at a friend’s house! We asked our friend to invite their friends to their house on a pre-determined date so they can have family photos taken. We did not charge a sitting fee and they only paid for the photos they ordered. In exchange the host would get all their photographs from the session. We made it fun and asked everyone to bring a dish or some wine for everyone to enjoy. We had a little display showing some of our products, we didn’t have much at all, just bring what you can. Here are a few things to remember when having a “Portrait Party”:

  • Have everyone sign a model release before they are photographed so you can use them on your website or marketing materials (you can find one here )
  • Bring a friend to help you gather people and/or assist during your photo shoot
  • Bring business cards
  • Make sure you go around the party and take candid photos, these people are all friends they will appreciate it and may even buy a print or two
  • Edit, upload to website, and collect orders and send to print ASAP!
  • Ask for testimonials on your Facebook or website pages, people love reading reviews.

If you do not get any orders, don’t be disappointed. You gained a lot of experience from this process!

  • You practiced your indoor candid photos with and without flash
  • Gained experience working with people you did not know
  • Attempted your lighting setups and poses
  • Got your first taste of the sales process
  • Received feedback and possibly some great testimonials
  • Drank their wine and ate their food (just kidding)

If you want to start taking your hobby a little more serious, this is a great way to start. The only thing I would suggest is to change the name “Portrait Party,” as the years go by the term “Portrait” is getting a bad wrap. It evokes memories of your parents dressing you up in some crazy outfits and what not. Maybe it’s just me J perhaps “Pimping Picture Party” is more hip….or not … If you enjoyed this post or have any questions please leave a comment or share it with your friends.

We started off with something like this:
Amazon: Cowboy Backdrop Stand

Amazon: 5 in 1 Reflector

P.S. our backdrop was a bed sheet… don’t judge :)