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The Powerex Maha MH-C801D Eight Cell 1-Hr PRO AA/AAA Charger is what we use to charge all of our AA and AAA batteries. We’ve been using these guys for years… We like them so much that we own 4 of them. Chargers are one of the things that are most overlooked… If you have quality batteries, get a quality charger to make sure you’re using the batteries to their full potential. The computer inside this thing charges batteries just right… never overcharging and/or undercharging.

-LCD Display – easy to read.
-Eight independent slots – it’s like having 8 chargers!
-Selectable soft and rapid charging speeds.
-Built-in battery deep-conditioning system.

Here’s a direct link as to where we got ours. =)

Powerex Maha MH-C801D 1

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Neoh Soon Hueng says:

Do you charge your Enelope XX with the quick/soft mode? Can I just charge it with the default mode?

ed says:

yes you can charge it with the default mode but every 3 cycles charge it with the “soft” mode so that it refreshes your battery/slowly charges it. Either mode depletes the battery first then fills it back up with a charge which is healthy for the rechargeables :)