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RODE Mic DSLR video microphone | RODE Videomic with Rycote Lyre Suspension









The RODE Videomic with Rycote Lyre Suspension System is a new prosumer mic from RODE.   You will immediately notice that the shockmount for this shotgun mic is different.  It no longer uses the “X” rubber bands but instead incorporates the Rycote Lyre suspension making for an impressive shockmount.   The Rycote is made of Hytrel which is a rubber like material but superstrong which reduces vibration from knocking around your camera.  You will no longer have to deal with rubberbands that are worn out, pop out or snap in half in the middle of a shoot.  Combine the Rycote with the high quality of the RODE mics and you have one bad ass shotgun mic.
It has a highpass filter switch on the back of the mic that reduces ambient noise below 80Hz.  It uses a 9 volt battery which lasts up to 100 hours. I wish they used AA’s or something because 9 volts are not easily accesible so make sure to stick some extras in your bag.  The battery cover takes a little getting used to but not a big deal.  The mic also has built in PAD 10-20db which allows you to record in loud environments such as sporting events or concerts.  Those dip switches are located on the side door of the batter compartment which is a little annoying, I wish they put them somewhere easily accessible.










The length of the shotgun mic with foam is a bit long and sometimes appears in your frame causing you to zoom in just a bit.

Overall we have had a very good experience using this mic in our videos.  It provides quality sound with an awesome shockmount and it just looks so damn cool on your camera :)