Cold Shoes giving you Cold Feet?



The BEST cold shoe that I’ve seen so far is the Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount.

If you watched the video above, I’ve gone through A LOT of different types of cold shoes… If you’re just starting out, a lot of these will look the same, but it’s the small differences that makes a HUGE difference. Watch the video, there’s a ton of info there… maybe a little too much info.

The one I’m recommending is a little more expensive… like on average, $2.00. Think about it… that Two extra dollars is probably going to
be the best insurance plan you’ll ever invest for your gear.

If I find something better than the Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount, I’ll make sure to update. So far in my many years of shooting… this is the best one thus far.

Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount

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Seshu says:

Better than the Stroboframe cold shoe? Try frio by enlight photo –

Andy Rivera says:

yep, we will be doing a review on the frio, we just ordered one :)