Time lapse apps for your smartphone

Greetings!!  This is a follow up post to our timelapse post we did yesterday on the Muvi X-Lapse.  We used an iPhone but there are apps available for all smartphones.  The one we used in that video is called “Lapse It” which is available for the iPhone as well as the Android.  We preferred this app for its ease of use.  You can simply download the app, pop it on the Muvi X-Lapse and get your time lapse on.  There is even an initial delay setting in milliseconds and one of the coolest features is scheduling.  Imagine you are on vacation and the sunrises are beautiful but you just can’t wake up that early… your on vacay man!!!  You set time you want it to start and sleep in :)  After a couple test shots we started playing with the frame interval, the amount of time each photo taken. This would be the only drawback as you need to do some calculations.  Sure you can do trial and error but knowing the formula helps out a lot….and knowing is half the battle…(G.I. Joe)

Let’s say we want to make 60 second video and use 24 fps (usually, video is recorded at 30fps (frames per second)  if you want to get a smooth movie look go for 24fps in your export settings.)

Just multiply: 60 seconds x 24fps = 1440 frames/pictures

Next choose how long you want to shoot this video, let’s say 1 hour for a sunset. 1 hour = 3600 seconds

Simply divide seconds/frames = 3600 seconds / 1440 frames/pictures = 2.5 (round to 3) second picture intervals

That means you need to set Lapse it to take a picture every 3 seconds over a 1 hour period of time to get a 1 minute video :)  Whoa, waaaaaaaaaay too much math this morning!

lapseit lapseit_2

Check it out, you can even choose film effects and tilt shift, pretty cool and simple to use.  Check it out the video at http://www.lapseit.com/

You definitely have to check out this time lapse using the app:  http://www.lapseit.com/gallery/5677