What’s less than $10 and can save you A LOT OF TIME???


This USB 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub… =)

I’ve used this thing just about every time I upload my cards to a computer.  When I travel, this is my BEST FRIEND.  This little hub has saved me COUNTLESS hours during the uploading stage of the job.  Normally, most people upload several cards and will “standby” until the first batch of cards are done… regardless if you’re waiting or doing something else (hopefully it’s productive) you still have another set of cards to upload… sucks when you’re tired and all you want to do is get yourself some much needed rest. This is ESPECIALLY appreciated when I have to shoot back to back to back weddings… yes, that’s 3 weddings in a row within 3 days.

I usually just hook up 4 memory card readers to the hub and simultaneously download all 4 using just a single USB slot from a computer. Now my back up system consist of 2 external portable drives (which uses 1 USB each) and the computer’s hard drive itself. My macbook pro only has 3 usb ports, so this system works REALLY well for me. I’m able to back up the files 3 times and download 4 cards at the same time. I usually just let it run while I go to bed.

In the morning, before I do anything else, I check to see if all the folders have the same file size as the files downloaded from the cards.  If everything checks out, I unplug those cards and if I need to download more cards,  I’m ready to start the cycle again.  This process saves A LOT OF TIME.  For less than $10. I would definitely consider this workflow… totally worth it.

Again, that’s the USB 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub… =)


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