Magic Arm – Variable Friction Arm for Photography

Magic Arm – Variable Friction Arm

Hopefully you guys enjoyed that Magic Arm video, using this technique that I showed you in the video has saved me so much time and humiliation…I mean seriously, how man barn yard noises can you make and if you can’t do a decent Elmo voice…forget about it. LOL!  The kids are always watching the video and it makes the photo shoot so much more easier, they can’t take their eyes of of it and sometimes you get that great photo where they are reaching up to grab the phone :)
variable friction arm
I also wanted to provide you with a little more detail about the variable friction arm, it has three independent joints, one at the angle of the two arms and ball head joints at the end.  When the single knob located at the angle is loosened, it allows you to change the position of the arms.  Once you have it in place, just tighten it back up and it will stay fixed in that position.  The friction arm comes with male 1/4 inch threads on each end which is the the same thread used on all photo and video equipment, a female coupler so you can attach it to things like a cheetah light stand and a hot shoe adapter so you can attach it to the hot shoe of your camera.   Another option is to attach one end to a clamp and the other end to a frio cold shoe or fish bone adapter that we featured on a previous post.
shark clip
The bracket on the bottom of my camera in the video is called a flat flash bracket and a 1/4 inch 20 thread eye hook screw.  The iPhone in the video is in an Otterbox case and the shark clip clamp is clamped around it.  Play your favorite video from youtube and you’re all set!
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