wireless flash trigger for nikon and canon – radiopopper px

wireless flash trigger – Radiopopper PX

The Radiopopper PX system is not new to the wireless flash trigger scene and has been around since 2009-ish.  Then why the heck are you reviewing? you ask…. because of the it’s RELIABILITY!  As pro wedding photographers we cannot afford to have constant misfires throughout the wedding day… it just looks bad in the eyes of your clients. I’m not saying that we never had a misfire but the number of misfires are very low.  The PX system is also one of the most expensive radio triggers out there, there are plenty of alternatives out now (Yongnuo, Phottix, Pocketwizards etc…) that rivals this system which is why we are doing a series of reviews on flash triggers to see which one will come out on top.

Highlights of the Radiopopper PX:

  •  Range 1500 ft – (although we have never tested it that far, we have shot outside of hotels triggering the Radiopper inside hotel rooms…about 500ft away and through walls)
  •  High Speed Sync (HSS) – will allow your camera to sync up to 1/8000th sec as opposed to non-HSS triggers where you are limited to about 1/250th shutter speed
  •  Reliability – I touched on it before, the Radiopopper PX hardly misfires and I have shot over 200 weddings with it
  •  Adjustments – you can make flash adjustments straight from you camera without walking over to your flash.  In combination with the Nikon Su800, this system has been a dream to work with at weddings.  I can control all flash modes on the SU800 and the flash adjusts right away.  This is especially useful during reception when your lights are on stands or when shooting at 200mm and your light man and subject is off in the distance.
  •  Customer Service –  one of the main reasons I have not left Radiopopper is because of their customer service.  They are always willing to help troubleshoot any problems or replace/repair problematic units.  This is something you can’t get with Yongnuo or Ebay triggers.
  • Mounting Bracket – Oh how I love to hate the mounting bracket… because they are made out of plastic they tend to break, especially at the cold shoe part.  I can see the mount holding up during a fashion/portrait shoot but it cannot handle the stress that we put on it during a wedding day.  That’s our experience, YMMV… If someone makes a more durable one they will be rich!!

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Below are some shots we have taken using the Radiopopper PX

wireless flash trigger

wireless flash trigger