Wireless Flash Trigger – Radiopopper Nano

radiopopper nano

Radiopopper Nano’s are now shipping!  If you have not heard of the Nano it is simple sturdy wireless flash trigger.  Starting with the design, it is made of a sturdy (I dropped min a bunch of times) plastic shell with a nice curvy shape that blends in with the camera and looks pro.  I like that they moved from dip switches to the touch buttons, I have fat fingers so  it makes it so easy to manipulate with a simple touch.   I also like that the fact that they kept the power test button, I use that a lot when visualizing where the light will fall on my subject.  Another plus is that they kept the batteries as CR123’s… I have a set of rechargable ones that I use with the Radiopopper JRX system, I don’t have to reinvest in new batteries although, I would rather have AA’s or AAA’s, they are just way easier to find.  The compatibility to all of RP’s wireless flash triggers is great so I can just add these to my system not replace the whole system.  (BTW they only work on channels 1-4 because the Nano only has 4 channels)  When putting this little guy through its paces I was pretty impressed. The sturdy metal hotshoe is a definite improvement, no more plastic flash brackets or dealing with velcro!   I was able to trigger my flash which was two city blocks around a corner.  I was basically triggering in a high radio frequency active location through walls and parking lot concrete levels.  It was super reliable and consistent.  The Nano boasts of being able to trigger flashes from 1700 feet away, impressive but I have yet to test that :)  I  will be doing a video review of Nano’s in an upcoming post but in the meantime checkout this official video from Radiopopper.

RadioPopper Nano Introduction from RadioPopper

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